Senin, 16 Juli 2012

Tips for Online Insurance Agents to Improve Conversion Rates

When it comes to purchasing or selling insurance, there will always be lot of competition. Most of the leads check with numerous agents in order to find the best rate. Here are some tips to help your leads and promote your policy.

Making First Contact

The agent that contacts the lead first, certainly has the distinct advantage. In order to increase the chance of getting the first contact with new leads, try to reach them immediately after you receive an inquiry; even if that means you need to skip your lunch or travel an extra mile. Call your lead right away; if he/she is not answering the call, make sure that you leave a voice message delivering the company details. Send a follow-up e-mail after the message. Try to be more helpful and professional, instead of being a hound!

Selling Your Services the Right Way

If you have already contacted the lead, you just need to put on the market yourself. This is the way that you can separate yourself from others in the competition. Here are some of the exceptional tips to transform the lead to a potential client.

Keeping the Conversation Not-So-Commercial!

Most of the agents start speaking regarding the sales right away. It is not the right manner and leads to a disappointing result. Instead, start with more open-ended questions. These questions will sound less commercial and adequately help you in assessing the client's needs.

Try to understand the goals, purchasing habits, and motivations that match a product that you can promote, and then make a suggestion.

Understand Each Prospect

Study the info that comes from a lead carefully and make a note of the conversation you've had with the lead. It also allows you to understand the client desires in a better manner. Review your notes before you meet the client. It is a key approach to build the rapport.

Know Your Products

Make sure that you are aware of all your product and services. You should know the drawbacks and highlights of each policy so that you can may fluently all the queries of your potential customers.

Be Enthusiastic

The energy that you put in explaining the services will add value to your efforts. Combination of knowledge and enthusiasm will go long way and usually convert into long-term relationship with the client.

Guarantees and Deals

Everyone likes decent and good deal with insurance policy. Make sure that you offer special incentives to your client. This will certainly make them feel compelled to take up your service easily in comparison to what the others have got to offer.