Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

5 Quick Ways to Turn Cold Calls Into Warm Sales

Does the thought of making cold calls send chills up your spine? If you're not making cold calls, you could be missing out on reaching a huge customer base that doesn't even know about your company or the products that you're selling. If you aren't willing to call people and follow up on leads, your sales numbers could suffer. Here are some strategies for changing the way you think about cold calls and the way you speak to your potential customers over the phone so you can start looking forward to this proven sales technique.

1. Think of it as a Business Deal 
Cold calls are just that - business deals. It's a way of doing business with other people who do business. Unfortunately, many sales agents view cold calls as a bother to their potential clients rather than simply doing business. This is especially true if you are following up on leads that you were given. If it makes you feel better when doing cold calls, do them during business hours instead of at the time when your potential clients are sitting down for dinner. That way you won't feel like you're "bothering" people with your call.

2. Be Quick and Succinct 
You may have a tendency to tell your potential clients all about your product over the phone. But this isn't an appealing technique for the person you're calling. Instead, sum up the product that you are offering in a couple short and succinct sentences. If it helps, write down a few notes before you start making your cold calls. Be prepared for objections when you are presenting the benefits of your product and don't be discouraged when a potential client questions you because that means they are at least listening. When you are prepared for this, though, you have a better chance of turning that person into a customer instead of a prospective buyer.

3. Smile

Even though you are on the phone, a potential client can detect your attitude in your voice and the way you speak. If you are discouraged or feeling less confident than you should, the person on the other end of the line will know it. Make an effort to smile even when you are talking on the phone. This will make you feel better and you'll project a positive attitude that the other person can detect. Also, don't get discouraged. Even if you've been rejected by 10 straight potential leads, keep going. Do some jumping jacks or take a walk around your building to clear your head and increase your energy so you can focus better on your next string of 10 calls.

4. Be Realistic

Even if you're the best sales agent in the universe, you're not going to make a sale to everybody. There will be times when people simply aren't receptive to the products that you're offering. It's important to be realistic when making your cold calls. Have small goals of making only a few sales a day. If you have unattainable goals, you're only going to discourage and frustrate yourself which is going to keep your sales figures down anyways.

5. Get the Name

When working from a Cold Call list, it is better when you have or can purchase the contact name of the business owner. Asking for the business owner by first name when making a cold call often gets you past the secretary or "gatekeeper" because they assume you know the owner personally.

Keeping these five techniques in mind when making your cold calls is a great way to have a more positive perspective and improve your phone communication skills.